We ensure that children who struggle in learning to read and write gain the skills for a literate and productive future

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On-Demand Webcasts

RRCNA webcasts provide high quality content for individual learning or small groups. Reading Recovery and early literacy topics are added throughout the year, so check back often. 


Flexibility in Problem Solving During Writing
Mary Fried

We Could Teach Every Child to Read, But Will We?
Richard Allington

Some Former Reading Recovery Students Are Reading, But Some Are Not

Richard Allington

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FREE webcasts on teaching and learning topics 

What Counts as Evidence? 
Richard Allington

Negotiating the Literacy Lives of Boys Through Building a Literacy Community 
David Booth

Closing the Achievement Gap for English Language Learners 
Yvonne and David Freeman

Letter and Word Learning in the Early Literacy Classroom 
Maryann McBride

The Fundamentals of Literacy Coaching  
Enrique Puig

Learning to Read is Not a Race: Exploring Teaching Opportunities within Chapter Books for Transitional Readers 
Jeffery Williams

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Webinars produced as part of the Early Literacy Intervention initiative with the U.S. Department of Education are also available for on-demand viewing at no charge.